Kenneth & Daciena welcome you to the Power of Praise Network


Kenneth Green was born and raised in Los Angeles Calif. as a young child growing up in the South-Central area he vividly remembers the 1965 Watts riots, and the racial tension that existed during that time, it was very important for a family to be rooted in the Word of God so being blessed with a God-fearing Mother and Father made all the difference. Kenneth grew up remembering at 5 and 6 years old closing the service at True Grace Missionary Baptist Church with “What I Say To One… I Say To All…Watch, Fight and Pray” at that time there was no way he could have known that it was just the beginning of what God had instore for his life, although he faced his share of challenges growing up, gangs…drugs… and violence, he made it through, graduating from Fremont High and then on to joining the U.S.N. in 1974. His was honorably discharged in 1978.

Daciena Antoinette Green is a dedicated Woman of God who was very much a part of the inner workings of From The Heart Church in Pomona California, as a member for over 13 years she cherishes the spiritual guidance and teaching received from her spiritual father the late Senior Pastor Joseph J. Owes, after her marriage in 2016 she joined Cottonwood Church and was also led to complete her Biblical Studies obtaining a Biblical Leadership degree in 2022.

Our lives are dedicated to Kingdom Building and grateful that God has given Kenneth and I this awesome assignment, to serve his children as founders of Power of Praise Network."

Join us in this mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to a dying World